Committee Minutes – October 21st 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on October 21st 2019

Present: Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Ann Smedley, Catherine Docherty, Josie Wilson Yvonne Ward, Chris Dixon, Rupert Feld


All Christmas music is ordered and available in our filing cabinet. Rupert is hoping to bring the German version of ‘Silent Night’ for rehearsal soon. We will need to refresh ‘The Man with the Bag’, ‘When Mary sang’ and one of the Rutter pieces so we can include those on Dec 11th.

Could members stick pages Rupert has arranged (e.g. Santa Claus is coming to town) into copies so they can be easily removed. Any marking up of copies with changes should be in pencil please so they are not permanent.

The new copies of ‘Hairspray’ will be handed out in January and members will be asked to mark them up (in pencil) and destry the old photocopied versions.

Helen and Catherine will liaise with Rupert to get as many words as possible typed up. Often members find this easier to use than scores. Please ask if you would like the words for any particular number. We also will aim to put them up on the website for future reference.


We welcome Nicola John to the altos and Sally O’Connor to the sopranos.

We would encourage any members to ask Rupert for advice if they have queries about music, their part or whether they are in the right section for their voice.


  • September 28th Whittington Village Hall 7.30 pm

There were a lot of favourable comments about our performance, the content and our soloists. We raised over £400 for Myeloma UK. Thank you to all those who helped with refreshments, setting out and clearing up.

  • October 12th Workshop

This was a well-attended (35) and enjoyable day. We made a slight profit, which will be put to funds and used to purchase new folders.

Thanks to all those who helped on the day and contributed cakes.

We raised a further £60.60 for Myeloma UK.

  • Friends and Family Evening December 11th

Please invite as many friends and family as you can to join us for this evening – the more the merrier

Anyone who would like to do a solo, duet, instrumental etc., please see Rupert to discuss

We will be raffling hampers of items donated by members. Please bring in any items (please check use by date) during November rehearsals, which Ann S will collect

  • St Michaels Concert

Anne M & Helen to discuss with Sue Jones and ascertain likely 2020 dates.


Anne M to purchase turquoise folders from W H Smith – 42 at a cost of £97.

We appreciate members who offered to pay for their own folder but felt the system (with Jo Bull’s support) works well and allows us to retain folders if members leave. We may not be able to replace like for like in the future.

Rupert to source a music stand.

A learning from the concert of September 28th was to rehearse using the microphone and perhaps purchase a better stand for the mike that can be adjusted more easily. We can then wait for the adjustment before starting a number. Helen to investigate a more easily adjustable stand.
Website etc.

Anne M to investigate moving our website host as the mailing is no longer fit for purpose and the hosting company is not really doing anything to progress it. We should be able to move our domain name and WordPress site free of charge and by the end of the November (our next invoice date). Anne M will check all this, but a possible host site identified will cost £30.34 per year  (similar cost to now).

Anne M to back up and then archive any lyrics or music currently not in the repertoire on our website (Rupert has confirmed which by email). She will also check the version of the score on the website for ‘With a Little Help’ is our licenced one with the licence statement.

We are unsure how many members use the practise recordings on the website and this will be raised at the AGM – we are interested in your views so let us know. We may have the option of an app Rupert has found which delivers the music from the score for each part.

In January we will also have a look at recording 2 or 3 pieces, using the Yamaha recorder for public ‘listening’ on the website.

If anyone has any photos of the choir, or part of the choir at recent concerts we would love some more casual, impromptu photos scattered through the website. Please see Anne Mapley

Next Meeting – Monday November 18th 7.30 pm 2019 at Helen’s house

Dates for your Diary

November rehearsals – please bring in items for Christmas hampers

Wednesday December 11th – ‘Friends and Family’ event at Rehearsal venue and time

Wednesday December 11th – LAST REHEARSAL 2019

Wednesday January 8th – FIRST REHEARSAL 2020

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