Committee Minutes – May 9th 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on May 9th 2019

Present: Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Josie Wilson, Chris Dixon, Yvonne Ward, Rupert Feld

Apologies: Ann Smedley, Catherine Docherty


The Committee agreed that they are now not actively seeking a conductor/M.D. at this point. However, if a suitable candidate emerges then this will be reviewed.


 Rupert will purchase copies of ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Viva la Vida’. However, he would like to balance new repertoire with more variety, perhaps folk arrangements or songs from musicals. The Committee suggested he could look at ‘Cape Breton Lullaby’ and ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’.


We currently have 26 members regularly attending. However, we would like to recruit a few more members into the sopranos.

The Committee thanked Chris Dixon for organising refreshments and all those who offer to help her periodically.

Audrey Orme had paid a full year’s subscription for 2019. So Anne M will arrange to contact her family as to whether we pay all the subscription back to her estate or donate it to the British Heart Foundation in her memory.


  • Myeloma UK

Chris now has Myeloma UK collecting boxes, balloons etc.

Chris will arrange for Myeloma Support Group carers to do refreshments during the evening. If choir members wish to donate cakes for the interval this will be appreciated. Donations will be taken for refreshments.

Cheryl has offered to sell raffle tickets. Chris to organise float for the raffle.

Thanks to Jo Bull who has offered to leaflet drop flyers in Elford and Anne will supply flyers and posters. Anne M to investigate printing posters/flyers using a printing company.

Anne M to organise publicity in CityLife (£5) and the village correspondent for the Mercury.

Anne M to transport piano, amp, microphone, music stand and microphone stand for the rehearsal. Rupert and Yvonne will do this for the concert.

Rupert to try out his piano stool at rehearsal next week. We agreed that we were happy to purchase a new stool to suit him if it is needed.

Yvonne agreed to compere the concert and Chris’s husband, John, will give a short talk about Myeloma.

Anne M to send out directions and look at parking arrangements for the concert. We will be able to park at the hall for the rehearsal.

Anne M to organise folder handout with Jo Bull.

Rupert confirmed that we will not be including ‘Gaelic Blessing’ in the programme. However, he intends to include ‘A Million Dreams’.

  • We have agreed to a concert at Alrewas Methodist Church on July 13th, 7.30 pm.

Anne M to organise tickets (£6, no concessions) and publicity

The church has offered that profits be split 50/50 between Myeloma UK and Kaleidoscope music funds. The church will serve refreshments and take the proceeds of any donations.

Anne has visited the venue and arranged for us to rehearse there on July 10th.

Please note. There is no parking at the church other than for those with mobility needs, so parking will be on the main street in Alrewas and members are encouraged to share lifts.

Rupert will review the piano arrangements, but it is likely we will need our piano.

  • Josie will discuss a concert at St Michaels on 28th September with the Burton Breast Cancer Support Group. If they decline this offer we may organise a concert at the church on that date for the benefit of the British Heart Foundation, in memory of Audrey.


Can we remind everyone that uniform is black with turquoise highlights. No patterns please, block colours.


Anne M has found a photographer and will arrange for him to visit a rehearsal in late June, subject to weather

Support Staffordshire

We are now members of this organisation and our concerts are being publicised through their channels. They have local charities registered with them so it is also an opportunity to get our message to them about fund-raising concerts.


This now paid.

Next Meeting – Wednesday June 5th 7.30 pm 2019 at Catherine’s house

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday June 5th – Rehearsal Cancelled

Thursday June 6th – Rehearsal at Elford Village Hall

Wednesday June 12th – Collect Black Folder

Saturday June 15th – 6pm-10.00 pm – Concert at Elford Village Hall for Myeloma UK.

                                       Concert starts at 7.30 pm. Tickets £6

Wednesday July 10th – Rehearsal at Alrewas Methodist Church

Saturday July 13th – Concert at Alrewas Methodist Church 7.30 pm

Saturday October 12th – Vocal Workshop at Whittington Village Hall, 10.00 am  – 4.00 pm. Tickets £15

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