Committee Minutes – July 15th 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on July 15th 2019

Present: Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Josie Wilson, Ann Smedley, Catherine Docherty Yvonne Ward, Chris Dixon

Apologies: Rupert Feld


‘A Million Dreams’ – for future performances could members please add the changes in pencil to their original copy. We ask that you do not use the sheets issued by Rupert in a concert as this would be illegal and potentially Rupert and the Committee could be held liable.

Can we encourage members not to use highlighter pens in original copies going forward. This can be a problem if copies are re-used by a member in another section. Please ask if you are unsure whether a piece is an original copy

You are welcome to put your name in pencil on copies. If they are handed in and re-issued you would then be able to retrieve yours, with any pencil markings you have made to the copy.


We appreciate that members are supporting concerts and attending rehearsal regularly, enabling us to learn pieces more quickly.

Do continue to let Ann Smedley know if you are unable to attend a rehearsal so that we can decide if there are enough attendees to be worth holding one.


  • Myeloma UK – June 15th

The total profit for Myeloma UK from this is a fantastic £818.46.

  • Alrewas Methodist Church – July 13th

This raised £309 to be split between Myeloma UK and funds for our music.

Anne M to send a letter to thank the church for hosting the event, making us so welcome and providing the lovely refreshments.

The gift we bought for Rupert was a bottle of 12 year-old single malt whisky. This was both to celebrate his birthday and thank him for his hard work over the last few months, particularly as he will not accept payment for undertaking both roles of M.D. and accompanist

If anyone has photos of the choir at either Elford or Alrewas could they send them to Anne M please. Myeloma UK would like to include some in their publicity, and we may use some on our website.

John Dixon has volunteered to accept a cheque on behalf of Myeloma UK so Chris will arrange for a visit to a rehearsal and photos. Catherine will look at getting a photo and publicity about the amount raised in the Lichfield Mercury.

  • September 28th

We can longer use St Michael’s church for this, and Burton Breast Cancer Support Group would rather have a concert in the spring (see below).

We decided to hold a concert ourselves at Whittington Village Hall for the benefit of Myeloma UK.

Tickets will be £6, refreshments available. Anne M to confirm booking with the hall.

Anne M to include in ‘Whats On’ and local free press publicity as ‘Kaleidoscope in Concert’. Anne M to draft a poster and Catherine will arrange for publicity in the Lichfield Mercury and Tamworth Herald.

  • October 12th Workshop

Places can now be booked for this with Catherine. Places can only be booked with full payment – £15. We would encourage members to book ahead as places may be limited.

Anne M to draft a poster for publicity

Anne M to check with Liz George the maximum numbers she is happy with

  • ‘Friends and Family’ evening

We will plan to hold this during our last rehearsal of the year – December 11th

  • St Michael’s Concert

We have been invited to join with St Michael’s girls’ choir for a concert at the church in early spring. Anne M to liaise with the church about potential dates in March or late May.

We have been asked to sing at a concert raising funds for this group on April 25th. Anne & Josie have visited a couple of potential venues and Anne M will set out the venue recommendations, responsibilities, costings etc. in a mail to the chair. This will include a fee for Kaleidoscope of £120, as agreed by the Committee.

Summer Break

There will be no rehearsal on September 11th.

Christmas Break

Last rehearsal will be December 11th and we will return on January 8th2020

Next Meeting – Thursday August 22nd 7.30 pm 2019 at Catherine’s house

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday July 17th – Return folders at rehearsal

Saturday September 28th 7.30 pm – Kaleidoscope in Concert at Whittington Village Hall. Tickets £6.

Saturday October 12th – Vocal Workshop at Whittington Village Hall, 10.00 am  – 4.00 pm.

Places £15 now available upon payment via Catherine.

Wednesday December 11th – ‘Friends and Family’ event at Rehearsal venue and time

Wednesday December 11th – LAST REHEARSAL 2019

Wednesday January 8th – FIRST REHEARSAL 2020

Wednesday April 22nd – potential rehearsal for Burton Breast Cancer Support Group Concert. Venue tba

Saturday April 25th – potential concert for Burton Breast Cancer Support Group. Venue tba

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