Committee Minutes – February 7th 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on February 7th 2019

Present: Ann Smedley, Yvonne Ward, Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Josie Wilson, Chris Dixon, Rupert Feld, Marilyn Maguire

M. D. Vacancy

The Committee has decided not to appoint Andrew Goff as our M.D. despite his musical ability and obvious conducting experience.  Unfortunately, information has emerged that is available in the public domain, which concerns us.  He is on the Sex Offenders Register following a jail term in 2014 for a serious offence. The Committee feels it would be difficult to work with Andrew knowing this, and furthermore could compromise the Choir’s reputation and future activities, particularly any collaborations with other choirs. We have thanked Andrew for joining us at rehearsal last week and politely refused his application.

In the circumstances, Rupert has kindly agreed to be appointed as Interim MD and we very much value your support of Rupert as he leads rehearsals. 

We may in the future invite ‘guest’ conductors we know to visit our rehearsals.


We will be looking at new music this year.

Suggestions included :-

Viva la Vida


Faraway Look

A medley from a musical – Guys and Dolls, Mary Poppins Returns, Frozen, Lion King, The Greatest Showman

It was agreed we could spend some of our reserve on new music.

Rupert will look through our music library for any pieces we have not sung for a while that we may revive/relearn. We will continue working on ‘Gaelic Blessing’.

We applied for permission to use Rupert’s arrangement of ‘Hallelujah’ in July 2018. Anne has repeatedly chased the U.K. copyright holders. However, we have been advised that they are waiting for a response from U.S. partners. Until we have a permission licence we can rehearse, but will be reluctant to perform, the arrangement.


We agreed to turn rehearsal seating round so we have our backs to the kitchen and the M.D. has their back to the stage. We will be aiming to get an arc shape for the choir seating.

This will also ensure the trailing lead to the piano, particularly when Rupert leads the rehearsal, will be less of a trip hazard. Fire Exits should also be clearer. We need to ensure the doors to the store area are clear, as this is a fire exit.

Ann will purchase a book of vocal warm-ups we can use.

Helen to purchase a music stand to replace the broken one.


We agreed that as membership is currently only 32 that we would actively recruit, especially into the sopranos. Anne has advertised in local free press etc. so please spread the word. Flyers/posters will be made available at rehearsal. We may also have a ‘Bring-a-friend’ rehearsal in the near future.


We are aiming to schedule a concert in the spring. Anne to discuss Marian’s request with her.

If any member is aware of an organisation who would like us to schedule a concert please see a committee member or email


Whittington Village Hall has held October 12th for us. Anne to contact Liz George (Hammerwich Ta-Rowdles Choir) to potentially lead the workshop.


Please see the Accounts statement, Committee nomination forms and Charity proposal forms on the website.  Anne will make printed copies available at rehearsals. In previous years, charities that are local, or have a special connection to a member have been supported. If you have a charity that you feel a special link with, please consider proposing it.

The Committee agreed to propose a change in the Constitution at the AGM. This would be to raise the minimum age from 16 to 18.

Marilyn is standing down from the Committee at the AGM. She has been ‘ticket master’ for events like ‘Zimbe’, ‘Live Life on Broadway’, workshops etc. during her time on the Committee. The Committee would like to thank her for her contribution,  commitment and patience carrying out this role.

Next Meeting – Monday 4th March 2019 at Anne’s House

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday February 27th – AGM at Rehearsal

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