Committee Minutes – August 22nd 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on August 22nd 2019

Present: Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Rupert Feld, Ann Smedley, Catherine Docherty Yvonne Ward, Chris Dixon

Apologies: Josie Wilson


Rupert is planning to include ‘HairSpray’, ‘Jesu Joy’ and ‘We’ve only just begun’ in our next concert on September 28th.

Our copies of ‘Hairspray may not be legal so Helen will buy 30 new copies of ‘Hairspray’. Members will be asked to mark them up from the existing copies and use the new, legal copies in concerts.

Rupert has several other pieces from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and will choose at least one to teach us.

The Committee agreed a budget of £400-£500 to purchase new Christmas music. Rupert will purchase sample copies, review them and choose 6 or so pieces to purchase full sets.  The list includes :-

‘What Sweet Music’, John Rutter

‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’

‘Santa Claus is coming to town’

‘Angel Gabriel’

‘The 3 Kings’ , Chillcott

‘How far is Bethlehem’

‘Snowfall Lullaby’

‘Still, Still, Still’

An original, German version of ‘Silent Night’


We have 27 members and no leavers or starters in the last quarter. It is appreciated that members are attending rehearsals regularly and helping to create the good atmosphere and feeling of camaraderie.  


  • September 28th

Tickets are now available for this – £6 from Catherine.

All proceeds will be to the benefit of Myeloma UK

Catherine to distribute to the choir via email and print copies for rehearsal. All members asked to display these where appropriate. Catherine has sent publicity to all local papers and will investigate the village news section of the Mercury. Josie to include poster on Facebook regularly.

Chris Dixon will compere. Anne M & Ann S will organise raffle – we have a plethora of prizes.

  • October 12th Workshop

Places can now be booked for this with Catherine. Places can only be booked with full payment – £15. We would encourage members to book ahead as places may be limited.

Catherine to draft a poster for publicity

Members will be asked to donate cakes for the day and volunteer to help with setup, tidy up and serving hot drinks.

  • ‘Friends and Family’ evening – Wednesday December 11th

Members are invited to perform solos, duets, small groups, recitations, poems etc. – see Rupert about anything you would like to perform

The cheque for Myeloma UK for the amount raised to date will be presented to John Dixon at this event

  • St Michael’s Concert

Anne M to liaise with the church about potential dates in the spring and suggest that there are donations rather than tickets. These donations would be for Kaleidoscope (probably our adopted charity) and refreshment donations the church

The group felt that had not got the manpower to organise a concert. Our Committee will suggest we adopt this group as our adopted charity for 2020 or undertake a concert in 2020 for their benefit.


Helen to ask Jo Bull to get rid of any damaged black folders.

Anne M to investigate options for turquoise folders or our logo on our existing or any new folders.

Next Meeting – Monday September 16th 7.30 pm 2019 at Catherine’s house

Dates for your Diary

Saturday September 28th 7.30 pm – Kaleidoscope in Concert at Whittington Village Hall. Tickets £6.

Saturday October 12th – Vocal Workshop at Whittington Village Hall, 10.00 am  – 4.00 pm.

Places £15 now available upon payment via Catherine.

Wednesday December 11th – ‘Friends and Family’ event at Rehearsal venue and time

Wednesday December 11th – LAST REHEARSAL 2019

Wednesday January 8th – FIRST REHEARSAL 2020

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