Committee Minutes – April 1st 2019

Kaleidoscope – Minutes of Committee Meeting held on April 1st 2019

Present: Ann Smedley, Helen Klich, Anne Mapley, Josie Wilson, Chris Dixon, Catherine Docherty

Apologies: Yvonne Ward, Rupert Feld


 We now have permission for ‘Hallelujah’, but would members hand back any copies they have already been given and ensure they have copies with the 6-line copyright notice. Rupert to add the copyright notice to the score and mail to Anne, who will print legal copies.

Helen to purchase ‘A Million Dreams’ as Rupert is having a problem with the Musicroom website


We welcome Jayne Shardlow into the seconds. Josie will add her to the mailing list, send her a welcome email and get signature for the GDPR form.

Anne M to contact Jo Demaine, Trish Tranter and Kate O’Toole to arrange for return of their music.

All members are asked to spread the word that we are recruiting into sopranos. Flyers and posters will be available at rehearsal. Members are asked to distribute these to wherever they think appropriate and share the Facebook page.


Rupert is unavailable on April 24th and May 1st.

We have accepted an offer from Matthew Jones for a free workshop on April 24th at our rehearsal . Anne M to confirm details with him.

The rehearsal will be cancelled on May 1st.


  • Myeloma UK – We have agreed to a concert at Elford Village Hall on June 15th for Myeloma UK.  

We will rehearse there on Thursday June 6th if enough members can make it. Ann S will take a show of hands at rehearsal. If so rehearsal at Whittington on Wednesday June 5th will be cancelled.

Costs will be put through Kaleidoscope accounts (including £100 refundable deposit), but Chris will donate the cost of the hall and M.D. for the performance (approx. £100) to our funds. All profits will be paid to Myeloma UK.

Tickets will be £6, no concessions, and refreshments will be available. Donations will be asked for refreshments. Chris will ask the Myeloma Support group carers for volunteers to man the servery, including clearing it up.

Anne M will design posters/flyers, organise publicity and order tickets. Catherine will be the contact for ticket sales and agreed to her home phone number being included in publicity.

  • Alrewas Methodist Church has proposed July 13th for a concert raising funds for the choir. This would be 50/50 Rupert’s piano music and the choir singing, probably some of the repertoire from the Myeloma UK concert. Anne M to liaise with the church about financial arrangements, ticket prices, ticket sales etc. and visit the venue.
  • St Michaels has offered the church for a concert in the future.


Liz George has confirmed she will lead our workshop at Whittington Village Hall 10.00-16.00 on Saturday October 12th.

The Committee agreed to her costs (including her accompanist) and the hall hire costs. Ticket price is likely to be £15 and 30 attendees will cover the costs. Anne M to confirm back to Liz and the hall, follow-up equipment needed and organise publicity.

Photograph & Publicity

Anne M to send details of events to Josie for inclusion on our Facebook page.

Anne M to investigate if Lichfield Camera Club or the U2A Photography group might be able to help and take photos of us for publicity while we have the lighter evenings.

Support Staffordshire

Anne M to visit and find out what support they can offer us.


Helen and Yvonne to arrange to pay our insurance renewal invoice. This covers our equipment (electrical and non-electrical) and 3rd party liability. The Committee asked Helen and Yvonne to check loss of music.

Next Meeting – Thursday May 9th 2019 at Anne’s House

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday April 24th – possible Workshop with Matthew Jones at Rehearsal (tbc)

Wednesday May 1st – Rehearsal Cancelled

Wednesday June 5th – Rehearsal may be Cancelled (tbc)

Thursday June 6th – possible Rehearsal at Elford Village Hall (tbc)

Wednesday June 12th – Collect Black Folder

Saturday June 15th – 6pm-10.00 pm – Concert at Elford Village Hall for Myeloma UK.

                                       Concert starts at 7.30 pm. Tickets £6

Saturday July 13th – proposed concert at Alrewas Methodist Church

Saturday October 12th – Vocal Workshop at Whittington Village Hall, 10.00 am  – 4.00 pm. Tickets £15


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