Joining Kaleidoscope

We have about 25 members and we sing a wide variety of music.  We rehearse on Wednesdays at Thomas Spencer Hall, Whittington near Lichfield from 7.45 – 9.45 pm.  We usually continue rehearsals in the school holidays as long as our musical director is available, except for a break at Christmas.

We don’t do auditions, and if you are not sure which section to sing in, our musical director is happy to advise.  We have soprano, 2nd soprano and alto sections.  We are currently recruiting into all sections. Sometimes we need more voices in one section than another and may ask you to try that section if your voice is suitable and you are happy with that.

It is not necessary to read music to be a member. Many members read music to varying standards and many don’t.  We are also taught some numbers by ear. Our ultimate aim is not to rely on sheet music in concert performances.

Our fees are currently £144.00 a year which can be paid in instalments throughout the year. We won’t expect you to make a commitment, or start paying fees until you attend the third time.

We are welcoming new members, so you would be very welcome to come along to a rehearsal and see what you think.  Please email if you plan to come to a rehearsal so we can welcome you.

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