R.I.P Helen Klich

Our wonderful and compassionate friend and Chair, who loved singing with the choir.

We will miss you.

About us

Kaleidoscope is a community, female voice choir which aims to promote and foster a love of singing within the community and aid selected charities wherever possible.

We are rehearsing weekly and performing several times a year. We are currently accepting new members into all our voice sections.

If you would like to discuss a Kaleidoscope performance for fund-raising or entertainment please email info@kaleidoscopechoir.co.uk.

Saturday June 30th

Concert at Shenstone Festival

For more information, and for details of all our forthcoming events please see our Concert Schedule page

Fund Raising

In 2024 we intend to raise funds for both MIND and St George’s Hospital in Stafford. This is being done in memory of our late Chair, Helen Klich. She worked at St George’s and, in her work, also with MIND on projects supporting mental health service users.

We adopted ‘Kids like Us’, supporting juvenile arthritis and CRMO, chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis, as our supported charity for 2023.

Our first fund-raising concert for ‘Kids Like Us’ was in the summer of 2023 and £1268 was raised for the charity over the year.

There is more about our fund-raising on our About page

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